​Hi, I'm Nicki

​I'm a Porn Queen

​It all started as a bit of a surprise.  When I met John I was still a virgin, but we soon put paid to that. 

​Over our first weekend together he introduced me to his little business, and before long I was part of it.

​If you can spare a few moments, I'll tell you about it, and perhaps introduce you to some of my friends..

​Let me show you more.  A lot more.

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​​​​Losing my virginity was so much fun that I wrote about it.

It's a lovely story, and I haven't skipped any of the detail.

I enjoyed writing about it almost as much as I enjoyed doing it.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

And I hope it turns you on.  It does me,  every time I read it
(which is quite often!)

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